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Character Details

Character Details
Real Name: Various EFR-Takedown-Thunder-unit-Hero-v01.png
Birthplace: Various
Specialty: Urban Operations
Team Affiliation: Eagle Force Returns

Character Biography

Mateo Vargas, the SWAT specialist known as Takedown, quickly became a household name after the daring daytime R.I.O.T. operation that nearly decimated his Chicago SWAT team. The survivors of his urban assault division came together with Vargas and swore an oath to take to the streets to defend American freedom against the forces of R.I.O.T.

Not long after, Vargas received a call from General Brown, inviting him to join them at Eagle Force headquarters to talk about their urban battle strategy and look for some insight from one of the nation’s experts in street combat. Vargas agreed on one condition - the surviving members of his team could join him.

They arrived at Eagle Force headquarters and so impressed Brown and Sgt. Bulldog that they were immediately invited on as Eagle Force operations specialists, a specialized team of Eagle Force conditioned and trained for urban combat. Vargas agreed, taking on the name Takedown, and his men agreed to become the Thunder Unit.

With the blessing of Captain Eagle, General Brown, and the rest of Eagle Force leadership, the members of Thunder Unit began scouring the world for other urban operations experts, asking for volunteers to join this new elite fighting force. It didn’t take long for Takedown to have a veritable army of urban specialists to lead into battle.

All members of the Thunder Unit complete Eagle Force basic training and work alongside the Bulldog Brigade while developing their own unique urban attack battle plans and tactics. Once their time with the Brigade is done, they bring their ideas to Takedown and his Thunder Unit field leaders who analyze not just the physical skillset of the operatives, but their tactical mindset as well, ensuring that anyone who makes the final cut within Thunder Unit is both physically and strategically sound.

The result is one of the most highly trained and specialized urban operations teams in the entire world, a team uniquely equipped to battle R.I.O.T. in the streets and take the world back from them, one block at a time.

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